API & Using API Requests With Zapier

Our API has not yet been made public, but it should be going into early access within the next few months. Webhooks are planned, although they may not be included in the early access version of the API.

The API will be priced separately than all current plans, with 25 signature requests per month being included for anyone on the Personal or Business plans.

With that said, when you use Zapier to create a document from a template and send the document, you will be using API requests:  

An API plan is only needed if you go past the free limit of signature requests that we give each plan: 

  • Free plan - 3 free signature requests per month 
  • All other plans - 25 free signature requests per month

Because our API/Zapier credits pricing is based on usage, you will only pay for what you use. You can see the pricing per document in the highlighted column below, whereas the other columns show the quantity of monthly document ranges that the pricing applies to:

If you have reached your monthly limit with these Zapier signature requests, then you can reach out to us about getting on an API plan here: support@docsketch.com

There are no hidden costs and no contracts. You can cancel anytime and there is no penalty for canceling.

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