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This article is for those who are already familiar with Zapier and have connected Docsketch to Zapier.

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Here's a rundown of how to get your data in the format that you need when using Zapier: 

Separating Information in Docsketch Fields

If you were just about to complete the setup process for your Zap, but realized that the field data coming through Docsketch is not exactly what you were looking for, the following information might help.

Let's say (as an example) you are trying to create an automation that would take any new contact that you sent a contract template to, and add their name to your database. For our purposes, we'll use Google Contacts as the database that will add our document recipient/s as new contacts. 

When you get to the 2nd step, "Find Contact in Google Contacts", you see that all recipients names are pulled into one field as a line, but you need each recipient's name separately:

To separate and pull certain information from your Docsketch document, you'll need to use the Formatter by Zapier as an additional step between the initial trigger and final action in your Zap:

To do this, click on the plus button between your first and second step and search for "Formatter by Zapier":

Since you're working with line items (which look like normal text, but in reality they are nested data structures), you need to turn the line items into text by using the "Utilities" Action Event for the Formatter Step:

Select the "Line Item-to-Text" Transform and use the input that you'd like to separate. For our purposes, we're going to select the input for "Recipients Name" and add the separator as a comma: 

Once this is done, you will have an output that is separated texts:

Now you can individually map out these items in the succeeding step: 

Accessing Specific Field Content

What if you don't need the recipient's names and instead are trying to access information entered into text fields, date fields, etc. For instance, if you're creating a spreadsheet and have a column for "Date", you wouldn't want all data from other fields on your document to autopopulate into the date column. Instead, you just need the date field:

When you select "Fields Content" from Docsketch, all of the fields are listed together, but you need each individual field:

Since this is also a line item, you'll need to use the "Utilities" Action Event  for the Formatter step between your trigger and the final step in the Zap: 

Select the "Line Item-to-Text" Transform and use the input that you'd like to separate, for instance, "Field Content from Docsketch" and add the separator as a comma (or other appropriate character): 

After testing this event, you will have an output that is separated texts that you can individually map in the succeeding step: 

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