Using The Business Plan's Features

The Business plan is a team plan that includes 3 users (additional users are another $10/month or $96/year per added user), customized branding, and a redirect URL option. For pricing details and to see a list of included features, click here.

Customized Branding

To access the Branding features included with the plan, go into your Account Settings and click on the "Branding" tab:

Adding Your Logo to Recipient Emails

In this section you can add your logo (which will be displayed in recipient emails and in the document link that's sent to them) by clicking on the "Upload Your Logo" button: 

Now, your logo will be displayed in the email that the document comes from:

Your logo will also appear in the upper left corner of the document when your recipient opens it and begins signing:

Customizing the "From" Field in Recipient Emails

Additional branding features include the ability to replace the "From" field in emails with your company name:

When your recipient opens the email with the document that you sent to them, the "From" field will no longer say "via Docsketch" but will instead display your name/company name:

Customizing Your Email Signature

In the Branding Settings, you can also enable the option to add your signature to the email message that displays when your recipient views the document you've sent them:

From the recipient's email view, this will show up at the end of your custom message: 

Redirect URL

The Business plan also includes the option to redirect recipients to a specific page after they've signed your document. You can enable this by going into your Account Settings: 

Scroll to the bottom and under the heading, "Redirect to Page After Signing," click enable and enter the URL for the page that you'd like to redirect your recipients to: 

With this enabled, as soon as one of your recipients signs their portion of the document, they'll be immediately re-directed to the page for the URL that you entered: 

Adding Additional Senders to Your Account

Another important feature of the Business plan is that you can invite other members (total of 3 senders included) to join your account who can help you edit and send out documents. 

To do this, go in to your Team Settings and click on the "Add Members" option: 

From there, you can enter the email addresses of the people you'd like. For more information about adding team members, click here.

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