Managing Team Members and Billing Information

You can manage your team members (as well as your Branding settings) and update/view your billing information in your Account Settings:

Team Members

On the left side of your Account Settings, you'll see a couple other options. To invite other users to your account, click on "Team Members". Within your Team Members Settings, you are able to invite other team members to help you send documents by clicking "Add Members": 

Enter their email and click the drop-down menu next to "Member" to assign them which type of member they will be (if the team member is assigned as a "member," they can access the templates but they cannot access anyone's documents except their own): 

The recipients of the invite will receive an email inviting them to join Docsketch: 


You can group your team members by departments, teams, or any way you'd like. To set up your Teams, go to your Teams Settings and click on "Add Team": 

Enter a name for your Team and hit "Save Changes":

To add members to one of your Teams, hover over the end of the Team's row and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Change Members":

Check the box next to any members that you'd like to add to the Team and then save your changes: 

You can also assign Team Members to Teams from within your Team Members Settings. Simply hover over the drop-down menu next to a Team Member's name and click on the option to "Manage Teams": 

Then assign your Team Member to the Team/s of your choice: 

Plans and Billing

You can enter your Plans and Billing Settings to upgrade or downgrade your current plan, or view your invoices: 

By selecting an invoice, you'll be directed to a statement with specific details about the invoice and the option to download it: 

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