Using the Features in the Send Modal

After you've assigned fields to the recipients of your document, you'll click "Send" and enter the send modal where you can edit a few final features of your document before sending it off: 

The Custom Message

One of the first things you'll see in the send modal of Docsketch is the custom message. You can create a template for the send message when you set up a template in your Templates section, or you can customize the message each time you send the a document by using the formatting tools and entering text into the message box:  

Applying Sending Order

To the left of the custom message, you'll see an option to "Apply sending order." Choosing to do this will cause the document to be sent to both/all recipients at the same time, however, the person at the top of the recipient list will sign the document first, then the person below them will sign next, and so on: 

If you'd like to change the order of the recipients who will sign first, you can click and drag to reposition them. 

The recipient/s who are waiting to sign will receive an email notifying them that the other recipient/s must sign first: 

The "CC" Option

Just below the "Apply sending order" button is the option to CC someone so that they can receive a final version of the completed document. You can begin typing the email of an existing contact and they will automatically come up, or you can choose to "Add New Contact": 

It's important to note that the email entered in the CC box doesn't receive the email with the document until it has been completed by all the recipients. 

Requiring the "Approve" Button

Finally, on the right of the send modal above the custom message is an option to "Send as a Sales Document": 

This is best for documents that need to be approved before they can be signed, so an "Approve" button will show up at the top of the document when the recipient opens it: 

After you've made all of your final customizations to the send features in the send modal of the document, go ahead and click send. Your document will be sent! 

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