Setting Your Docsketch Password

You can change your password if you can't remember it or would simply like to update it, or, you can add a password if you originally signed up with Google but would like to sign in with a regular email and password as well.

Forgot Your Password? Let's Fix That!

Click "Sign In" at the top right corner of the screen, then click "Reset my password": 

This will give you the option to enter your email and have a new password sent to you.

You’ll then see a message stating that a new password has been sent:

Check your email, and you will be provided a link to update your password: 

Click "Reset Your Password," and you will be prompted to enter a new one: 

Upon entering your new password, you'll be logged into your account and be able to use Docsketch once again!

For Google Users - How To Switch to Signing In With a Regular Email

If you originally signed up to Docsketch through Google, then you can switch to signing in with a regular email and password if you'd like. This doesn't work the other way around, however, so if you signed up with a regular email, then you can’t switch to Google sign in. 

To update your account so that you can log in either with your Google Account or with your email and password, go into your Account Settings: 

Click on "Team Members" and then "Edit your profile" from the drop-down menu next to your name: 

From here, you'll see a message explaining that you can set a password for your account. To do so, enter your new password in the box and click "Save Changes":

Now you'll be able to login to your account through Google or with your email and password! 

Updating Your Password From Your Account Settings

If you are already signing into your account with an email and password, you can update your password within your Account Settings under the "Team Members" section by clicking on "Edit your profile" next to your name and then clicking the option,  "I want to change my password":

From here, you can enter a new password, click "Save Changes" and your account will be updated with the changes you've made.

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