Creating and Using a Template

Templates allow you send your documents faster, especially if you find yourself sending out the same sort of document.

Here's a rundown of how you can create and use a template (and send it as a document): 

To get started, click "New Template" to upload a file:

Specify what placeholder title to use: Contractor, Client, etc. Once you’ve added your chosen placeholders, the document will open.

From the left, you can drag fields onto your document. These also allow you to specify which fields need to be filled by the recipient. Field types are: Text, Date, Signature, Initials, and Checkbox.

Once you're done adding fields to your document, click on "Finish Template," set the sending details for the template, and click "Save Template":

There are 2 ways to use templates and send them as documents...

#1: Use Templates From the Templates Page

You can use a template that you have created by going to the Templates section and click "Use":

You'll see 3 options show up, Use Template, Get Template Link, and Sign In Person. To send your template as a document, click "Use Template":

From there, you can select one or more of your saved templates:

Once you've done that, you'll click "Continue" and your document will upload. Hit "continue" again and you'll be prompted to fill in the contact details for each of the placeholders that you previously assigned fields to in your template: 

And, voila! You are ready to send your template off.

#2:  Use Templates From the New Document Modal

The second way that you can use templates is to click on the "New Document" button in your Documents dashboard:

Next, click on "Use a Saved Template" to pick your template: 

After that, you will only need to select which template/s you would like to use and fill in the placeholders with the appropriate contact information. 

The rest is simple - your template is ready to be sent! 

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