Sending a Document

Your documents are only as useful as they are portable! People appreciate clarity in documents, as well as ease of completion. Docsketch allows you to personalize each document to the individual while keeping automation easy for you.

Here's a rundown on how to send a document through Docsketch: 

What Kinds of Files Can You Send?

You can send multiple file types in Docsketch, including PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Excel, Numbers, Pages, and image files such as PNG, TIFF and JPG files.

Let’s Begin!

Click on the "New Document" button and choose to either upload a document from your computer or use a saved template that you have already created in your Templates dashboard:

As you can see, multiple files can be uploaded at once! 

Next, you can enter the contact information for the document’s recipient/s. Either type in new contact information (and Docsketch will automatically save their information to your Contact list), or use the drop-down list to choose an existing contact. 

The sender's contact details will be auto-populated at the top, but you can choose to remove yourself as part of the document if you'd like. Including yourself as a sender is most useful when documents need to be reviewed and signed by both parties.

After clicking on the "Prepare" button, you'll be transferred to the preview page of the document. In the top left corner, the title of the document will appear. You can rename the document by clicking on this field. 

From the left, you can click on a field and then click on the line of your document where you'd like to place the field:

Field types are: Text, Date, Signature, Initials, and Checkbox. Each field allows you to select which user will be completing that portion of the document for minimal confusion. You can change the person that needs to complete each field by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to their name/title. (Don’t forget: Here you can also force a field to be "Required" for the recipient.) For more information about assigning fields to a document, click here.

As you are placing fields on your document, you can use keyboard functions to tab into and out of fields, hit enter to interact with them, escape to exit, and use arrows to reposition fields:

When you’re ready to roll, go to the top right edge of the screen and simply click “Send”. You will then enter the send modal where you can CC the document to another person, choose to “Apply Sending Order," or "Send as Sales Document."  Feel free to edit the title and body of the message as well and then click "Send."

If you would like to edit something in your document after you've sent it, you can click on the "Update & Resend" option from the drop-down menu to the right of the document:

This will cause the original document that you already sent out to be automatically archived and anyone who has already signed the document will need to sign the updated version again.

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